Calf Max is a nutrient-dense feed designed to provide young calves with the necessary vitamins and amino acids for their growth and development. By closely resembling the calves' natural diet, it helps maintain their health and well-being during critical stages like weaning and shipping.

d Optimal Growth: Specially formulated for young calves to support optimal growth.

d Essential Nutrients: Contains roughage and essential nutrients, including amino acids for strong bones and muscles.

d Aids in Stress Recovery: Mimics calves' natural diet to aid in stress recovery post-weaning and shipping.

100% Natural

Paraben Free

Chemical Free

Quality Assured

Pesticide Free

Enhanced Growth & Development

Calf Max boosts growth rates, ensuring calves develop into healthy, productive cows.

Stronger Immune Systems

Improves immune system functioning, leading to healthier calves.

Reduced Health Risks

Minimizes the chance of health issues, promoting overall calf well-being.

Optimal Nutrition

Delivers a high-quality blend of vitamins and nutrients essential for reaching full potential.