Welcome to Pearl of Africa's expansive avocado orchard, covering 200 acres of fertile land. Our orchard provides ideal growing conditions in a region with abundant sunshine and optimal climatic conditions. We practice organic farming methods, prioritizing the nurturing of avocado trees without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or harmful chemicals. This ensures the production of pure, high-quality avocados.

d Avocado Varieties: Our orchard has diverse avocado trees with unique flavors - from creamy Hass to buttery Fuerte, catering to every taste.

d Quality: Meticulously grown fruits - vibrant green, rich, and creamy, a delight for avocado lovers.

d Sustainability: Committed to eco-friendly practices - natural pest control, water conservation, and soil health for long-lasting productivity.

100% Natural

Paraben Free

Chemical Free

Quality Assured

Pesticide Free

As a top producer and wholesaler of avocados, Pearl of Africa warmly welcomes you to explore the excellence of our avocado orchard. Whether you're a retailer, distributor, or food service provider, count on us for dependable supply, great prices, and a dedication to top-notch quality.

The industries we serve include:

Food Service and Catering
Nutraceuticals and Health Supplements
Nutritional Research and Development
Scientific studies 
Cosmetics and Skincare