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Pearl of Africa has adopted a vertically integrated production process

Pearl of Africa has adopted a vertically integrated business model for its lemongrass oil production, which has numerous benefits for our B2B customers.

Our partnership and assuring the well being of our partners in the face of other business, is our primary mission and value.

We control the entire supply chain from the production of raw materials to the distribution of the finished product. 

One of the primary benefits of a vertically integrated business model is that it allows for greater quality control. 

Pearl of Africa controls every aspect of the lemongrass oil production process, from growing and harvesting the lemongrass to the steam distillation process and packaging. This level of control ensures that the end product is of the highest quality and meets the exacting standards of B2B customers.

We know what the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, cosmetology and cleaning industries need.

The vertically integrated business model of Pearl of Africa brings benefits for our partners. 

Consistency: With a vertically integrated business model, Pearl of Africa has complete control over the entire production process from cultivation to distillation, ensuring consistent quality of its lemongrass oil. This consistency provides partners with peace of mind and the confidence to create new products or expand existing product lines.

Traceability: Pearl of Africa’s vertically integrated model allows for full traceability of the lemongrass oil. Partners can be sure that they are receiving a product that has been ethically and sustainably produced from start to finish, which can be a valuable selling point for customers who prioritize eco-friendly and socially responsible practices.

Cost savings: By owning and operating every step of the production process, Pearl of Africa can reduce costs and offer competitive pricing to partners. This can be particularly advantageous for small and medium-sized businesses that need to manage costs to stay profitable.

Flexibility: The vertically integrated model allows Pearl of Africa to be more flexible in meeting the specific needs of partners. Whether it’s providing custom blends or creating unique packaging options, Pearl of Africa can adapt to meet the demands of its partners and the market.

Innovation: Pearl of Africa’s deep knowledge and expertise in lemongrass oil production allows for ongoing innovation and product development. This means partners can benefit from new and unique product offerings that can set them apart from competitors.

By using the vertically integrated business model we, at Pearl of Africa are determined to provide our partners with the assurance of quality, ethical and sustainable practices, cost savings, flexibility, and innovation. These benefits can help partners grow and succeed in the competitive marketplace.

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